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Rosehip Micro-tonic

Rosehip Micro-tonic

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Heal damaged skin with the power of Rosehip. This treatment toner is made up of pure, undiluted rosehip fruit fluid for major skin support. Promotes skin regeneration and the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Filler-free

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This repairing skin tonic uses potent rosehip hydrosol to restore damaged complexions. It feeds the skin while balancing its PH and increasing its hydration. It also helps to prevent and diminish the appearance of scars, marks and sunspots. Rosehip has been found to be excellent in treating pigmentation and is one of the only natural, non-bleaching ingredients to do this effectively. This tonic is made purely from the water extracted from the rosehip fruit and contains no chemical preservatives, perfumes or additives.

* Seasonally Limited: Holistic Vanity’s Rosehip Micro-tonic is a healing plant concentrate that is produced with great care.

The rosehips are steam distilled in copper metal equipment because copper has natural anti-bacterial properties. This kills yeast and fungus, purifying the rosehip and bringing out its sweet note.

The skin tonic is harvested sustainably in small batches. Because we strive to maintain the best quality of our ingredients, it is only harvested once per year at the height of the season, making it only available until quantities run out.

Organic Content

This all-natural product is made up of 100% organic ingredients.


Organic Rosa Nutkana (Rosehip)

How To Use

Place 2-3 pumps of this tonic into the center of your palm. Then, clasp them together, spreading tonic to both hands. Press gently into clean skin, applying it to the entire face (including eye area) and neck. Use press and release motions to encourage lymphatic drainage. You can also perform tapotement by lightly drumming your fingertips over your complexion. This will encourage the tonic to be absorbed more deeply into the skin, while stimulating blood circulation, which treats dullness and supports collagen production. Follow with your moisturizing regime.

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Stand-Out Ingredients

Rosehip Hydrosol

Rosehip water (rosehip hydrosol) is extremely potent and completely undiluted. It is made by extracting the plant juices from the fruit (hips) of organic roses, creating a PH balancing skin toner. Rosehip itself is known for its power to rejuvenate the skin and repair scars, burns and pigmented spots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gets the job done!

I’ve been using this for years without any issues. It’s light, soothing and very hydrating and has helped fade some of my scars.

Mary Ptucha
the best rosehip toner

My skin loves this rosehip toner. I love that it is pure 1 ingredient, and Nootka rose, botanical from my bio-region. Very nurturing, layers well with other products.

Mike Ford
Less than satisfied

Not really sure what the deal with this micro tonic is but it goes on super thin…one could say “micro” thin. Wish I would have purchased the rosehip oil. Next time!

Amanda Seto

Repairing Rosehip Skin Tonic

Pleased with my purchase.

I was at first hesitant in buying this tonic as it is a bit pricey and I had no idea if it would help my skin, however I am pleased that I gave it a shot. I developed a red, dry patch on my neck this summer and I tried different oils but it still persisted. After only one use of the Repairing Rosehip Tonic, the redness disappeared. I spritzed it again and the area has healed up nicely. This bottle saved me from going to my dr. I would recommend this product.


I am so happy this product is back in stock....I love it. I use the entire damage care line and it helps to control my breakouts without drying my skin.


Our method: a jam-packed base of pure therapeutic ingredients, paired with potent, targeted actives. Because – if there’s no change, there’s no point.