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Non-irritating and smells great.

VVO Arousal Oil


Loved the scent and texture of this serum however it does nothing for my redness or acne.

Love this cleanser

Absolutely love this cleanser. I’ve been struggling with adult acne for the last year. I started using this cleanser, the moisturizer and other holistic vanity products and it has been a game changer. Very gentle, does not leave my skin feeling tight or dried out. Thanks holistic vanity!

Incredibly hydrating and love the texture

Wow! I am a very loyal fan to Pure and Simple’s algae serum but this one has so many great reviews that I had to try it. This is my new holy grail serum! It instantly soothes and hydrates. The texture is so smooth and luxurious and absorbs to give your skin a dewy finish. Amazing product and I would highly recommend it.

Comforting Camellia Oil


I have only been using this for about 1-2 weeks, twice daily. I follow serum application with moisturizer but usually I find serums hydrating on their own - not this one, it almost makes my skin feel drier. It has not done anything noticeable to help my redness. Disappointing.

Super Hydrating!

As a mom of two toddlers, I have tried a LOT of eye creams to reduce bags, black circles, puffiness, fine lines- you name it. HV's Borage Eye cream is probably one of the most hydrating eye creams I've tried. The fine lines are barely noticeable after using this cream. And I notice how soft and smooth my under eyes look and feel all day long. They stay hydrated all day and night! Talk about longevity!
Thanks HV for the great eye cream! I will definitely be adding it to my eye care regimen from now on!

Would be great for me in the Summer months!

I love this tonic, however, compared to the calendula tonic, I find the Immortelle a bit drying. The calendula tonic is more hydrating for my skin in particular. So I will definitely use the Immortelle tonic in the summer when my skin is more hydrated. I have naturally dehydrated skin, so this could just be the way it is for me, but in any case Immortelle is a really nice calming tonic for my rosacea-- just not in the dry months.

Very rich

Excellent product, leaves skin soft and smooth.

The holy grail

I’m obsessed with this oil and recommend it to everyone. So light and comforting for rosacea and redness. The bottle lasts so long as well! Amazing value and works so well

Very cooking for redness

This lotion is super light and cooling, helps my redness. It is quite light texture though so for winter I like something a bit richer.

So calming and cooling

I love this serum, I have rosacea and I notice if I use this serum consistently (along with camellia oil) it makes a huge difference in the redness. I love it!!


First time I’ve used this product. Left my skin feeling fresh! :)

Pomegranate seed lotion - it works!

So happy that for the first time in a super long time that I found some kind of moisturizer that didn’t completely wreck my face...I suffer with rosacea and I’m pregnant, so my skin is a total hot mess right now. Normally, I can see the redness and red bumps appear as *I’m applying* product, but with this one, I can put it on, rub it in and NO REDNESS. Praise it loud.

Light rich soothing nourishing

If you have rosacea or very sensitive skin in general, get the whole rosacea line of products. They’re a total game-changer; you won’t regret it. This makes my skin feel so silky and beautiful.

Revitalizing Blackcurrant Peel - Sample

Bolstering borage eye cream - amazing!

Like all other Holistic Vanity products, this eye cream is fantastic. You will not be disappointed

Best thing ever for rosacea

Beautiful, gentle, soft oil goes on so smoothly and calms the redness in my face while hydrating my dryness. Excellent, excellent product. My skin drinks it in and loves it. Takes my dry, tired skin and makes it fresh, dewy and glowing.


Loved the eye cream ,

Leaves skin so soft!

I use this in the evening after my normal routine. I use this as moisturizer and it leaves my skin feeling really soft in the morning.

Perfect for Summer!

I’ve used this tonic in combination with the Comforting Camellia Oil for many years. It cools my flared skin in the summer so well!


I’ve used this oil for many years and absolutely love it! It has helped heal my rosacea. The smell is wonderful too! :)


Thank you so much! I now have a new favourite~!

Great serum!

The perfect pre-lotion hydrating layer