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Hyaluronic Addict
Elizabeth Nakata
Love this product!

It hydrates my skin and leave it smooth after using the hyaluronic serum.

Hyaluronic + Protein
Elizabeth Nakata
Great product!

I’m in my 60’s and in Hawaii. My niece from Toronto visited me and gave me this serum and have been using it since. Before using this product I would have small pimples around my nose and around my lower lip every now and then. Since using this serum, I never had any skin breakdowns. My skin feels hydrated, smooth and my small wrinkles are not visible anymore. Love this product.

Smells amazing + balances my skin

This tonic totally surprised me. A super simple ingredient list – so clearly it's great quality. The scent is light + refreshing so I always enjoy this step in my skincare routine. Love the gentle tingle after I apply it. It makes my skin feel alive. And I love that it adds a bit of hydration while also creating a gently antiseptic base for my skin before adding on the next layers of serums + lotions.

Actually saved my skin

This cream WORKS! I've dealt with Keratosis Pilaris on my arms basically all my life. I've tried so many products but never really found the right balance of exfoliating + moisture. AHA Body Smoothing Cream totally surprised me! The texture is rich, but absorbs quickly. The scent is perfect – citrusy, a bit herbal + bright. And clearly the natural exfoliants in the formula are doing their job because my arms are the clearest + smoothest they've ever been. I used to hide my arms all the time, now I don't. An actual game changer.

I never want to live without this product

This was recommended to me while I was going through a bit of a skin freakout. I was travelling, seasons were changing, my hormones were wacky + my skin was going from balanced to oily + breaking out all the time. There's something about the texture of this formula, my skin just drinks it up. After a week of swapping this in for my usual serum/lotion I noticed my skin was calmer + oil production was more balanced. This is great for thirsty skin. Not too rich + super hydrating. Will never be without it in my routine!

Finally, a Vitamin C that works for my skin

I've always avoided Vitamin Cs because I have breakout prone skin, so was excited to try this out. First off, the texture is great + the scent is delicious, so it's a pleasure to use. I'm on my second bottle + I definitely see a difference in my skin tone + brightness. I took a break between bottles, and as soon as I started up again with Lipid Vitamin C I could see the glow come back. Love this product + highly recommend.


This cream has been wonderfully therapeutic for my skin. It tames my rosacea. It’s a little light for winter so I combine it with a little Camelia Oil. Great combo!

Hyaluronic + Protein
Kathryn Smalley
My skin loves this stuff

My skin drinks this up. Even moreso than the Triple Hyaluronic, perhaps because I'm working on rebuilding my skin barrier after a year of dermatitis and angry skin flare ups. I sense this is helping not only with moisture but also in rebuilding my skin barrier. This plus barrier balm is chef's kiss for me!

Barrier Balm
Kathryn Smalley
Helping heal my skin!

LOVE this stuff (I also have Crisis MGMT cream and the full redness line). I put it on at night, over top of a serum or two, and my skin is noticeably more calm/healed in the morning. I have dry/sensitive skin and am navigating dermatitis and weird flare ups... this is consistently helping.

Holistic Vanity Beauty Calendar

Loving it!

My first time using a vitamin c serum my skin broke out so bad. I’d been hesitant to use one ever since until I read the reviews on this one. I’m so happy the reviews were right. This is so lightweight and not super greasy like most. A little goes a long way and I’ve noticed brighter skin since using it.


I first tried this out at a shoot in 2018 and fell in love with how hydrating it is! But not only that, I suffer from hyperpigmentation and this helped so much in evening out my skin tone. I always look like I’m glowing now. I swear by this moisturizer. Nothing beats it.

Gets the job done!

I’ve been using this for years without any issues. It’s light, soothing and very hydrating and has helped fade some of my scars.

A great cleanser!

I’ve been using this cleanser for years and it’s so nourishing. It’s not stripping like a lot of other cleansers on the market and works with my sensitive skin. I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup and it works fine but when I do, I double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser first and finish with this. Just a heads up!

Thick and Nourishing

I have dry skin and use this on top of all the other serums and moisturizers. It keeps my skin supple and soft. Love it.

Lipid Vitamin C
Amazing product

I have sensitive, eczema prone skin, and have been looking for a gentle Vitamin C product and this fits the bill. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and see some spots fading without. O promising my overall skin integrity. It is dreamy under makeup with no pilling at all. I would buy this again!

Calendula Healing Tonic

A very soothing tonic that settles my rosacea. Hydrating base for next steps.

Amazing results

My first bottle was a gift. My skin texture improves when I started using it, that’s why I decided to purchased another one.

Triple Hyaluronic
Carolyn Lindsay
Triple Hyaluronic

I received this product as a sample & really liked it so I bought the bottle. I’ve only been using this product for a couple weeks now but so far loving it’s results.

Love this cream, it’s so great! Tried it on a sample and have been purchasing ever since!

Great serum!

Thanks for the sample of the new triple hyaluronic serum! I've recently switched back to non-medical grade skincare because it was only making the rosacea worse on my cheeks. This serum is slowly getting me back to being less scaly, red, and irritated. Thanks again!

Lipid Vitamin C
Andrea Osborne
Time will tell

I love the feel and smell of the product, time will tell what differences I see with longer use of the product.

Triple Hyaluronic
Bev Beauchesne
Quench my face!

This is awesome stuff! I got a sample with a recent order of Redness Relief products and thus 3 way serum rocks! Get it when you can


Love this Vitamin C!

Love this lightweight vitamin c oil. It smells great too.