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Triple Hyaluronic
Carolyn Lindsay
Triple Hyaluronic

I received this product as a sample & really liked it so I bought the bottle. I’ve only been using this product for a couple weeks now but so far loving it’s results.

Great serum!

Thanks for the sample of the new triple hyaluronic serum! I've recently switched back to non-medical grade skincare because it was only making the rosacea worse on my cheeks. This serum is slowly getting me back to being less scaly, red, and irritated. Thanks again!

Lipid Vitamin C
Andrea Osborne
Time will tell

I love the feel and smell of the product, time will tell what differences I see with longer use of the product.

Triple Hyaluronic
Bev Beauchesne
Quench my face!

This is awesome stuff! I got a sample with a recent order of Redness Relief products and thus 3 way serum rocks! Get it when you can

Love this Vitamin C!

Love this lightweight vitamin c oil. It smells great too.

Less irritation, less flushing

I was simply looking for anything to wash my face that wouldn't sting. This did that, and more than I expected.

With my damaged skin barrier and type 1 rosacea, for the past 6 months *everything* I tried was stinging and causing flushing, even the gentlest products specifically recommended for these issues.

This cleanser finally worked for me, even better than I expected it to. After 2 weeks of consistent use, my skin is less reactive now, less flushing to other products (eg, sunscreen) and triggers (eg, sun, coffee, etc). I don't know if the ingredients actively improved my skin or if it was simply gentle enough to allow my skin time to heal itself, but either way, I love it.

Note: I'm also using the other products in the Redness Relief line, which may be contributing as well.

Lipid Vitamin C
Shari Miller
A burst of skin sunshine!

As a pro Holistic skin therapist, and 50 yr old woman, I’ve tried everything under the sun for brighter, smoother, healthy looking skin. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME! It feels so good on the skin, a little goes a long way, my skin feels smoother + looks more radiant after only a couple weeks! And it smells sooooo gooood! It’s like a burst of sunshine for the skin! I will keep this in my line up FOR SURE! Highly recommend.

Calendula Micro-tonic
Carole Wilson
love it

I love it. The odor is not so funny but the results are very good


Very hydrating and is great for my highly sensitive aging skin

Wanted to love this

I tried a sample and the first time I used it I thought I was going to love it, but then my skin got very red, tight and angry. Discovered if you have a ragweed allergy you likely should avoid calendula. So sad I can’t use this cream.

Very nice!

It helped heal my chin after taking a bike fall on my face. The rest of my very sensitive skin likes it too. I have yet to have a product by Holistic Vanity that doesn’t impress me. My skin looks and feels so much better now.

Quenches my thirsty problem skin

This is thick like syrup and smells like herbal honey. It is AMAZING. Kiss my winter dryness goodbye.
I smashed my jaw on the pavement during a biking accident, and this product has been integral in healing my skin. The rosacea around my chin does not tolerate some oils and topical products, but my chin loves this and it’s helping to soften my scar. It’s even better than vitamin E capsules.

Great cream!

I hope this becomes a regular product. It works amazing!!
Has helped to calm my rosacea and eczema and acne is gone. Skin is very soft and smooth now.

Amazing and soothing.

Since I have used the Crisis MGMT cream, my skin is less inflamed, less dry and my skin is very soft. I have rosacea, some eczema and my skin was feeling rough. After several weeks of using the cream, my skin is much softer and less red. This is going to be my go cream from now on. I absolutely love the Crisis cream.

Best travel kit ever

My face and luggage space are both grateful to have this.

gentle and effective

My skin loves this cleanser. It’s gentle yet fully cleanses. Leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I like to use it with a konjac sponge for a slight exfoliation.

the most soothing cream!

This cream is incredible! I received a free sample with my last order. It’s really light feeling on skin yet super soothing on dry irritated patches on my face. Applied at night, skin is noticeably calmer in the morning. Immediately calms and nourishes dry patches on hands too. Beautiful formulation!

Great tonic!

All of HV’s products are fantastic and the tonic is no exception. My dry, aggravated, rosacea-prone skin LOVES it. I just spray it on my palms and pat my face. My skin looks so nice, hydrated, even, and calm after using this. My favorite tonic!

best healing toner

My skin loves this toner. Super soothing and healing. I love that it is 100% calendula hydrosol, very rare to find, concentrated active botanicals. Great as a refresher any time of day and layers well with other products.

Rosehip Micro-tonic
Mary Ptucha
the best rosehip toner

My skin loves this rosehip toner. I love that it is pure 1 ingredient, and Nootka rose, botanical from my bio-region. Very nurturing, layers well with other products.

Teenage daughter did not love

My 17 yrs. old tried the cream for 4 days in a row to see it’s affects on inflamed, blemished (slight, not acne) skin. She did not care for the smell and saw no difference. 🤷🏼‍♀️

My favourite

Love the texture and smell. Helps heal skin rash from wearing masks and acne.

Black Mud Cleanser
Patricia Paulo
Really good.

Cleanses my face and doesn’t have the dry feeling after.

Great Product

I have been using this product for past 2 weeks and I have noticed my skin more firm, plump and smooth. Would recommend this priduct

Hyaluronic Addict
Mary Ptucha
Great Warm Weather Moisturizer

Hydrating and calming in warm weather when my skin is more reactive and prone to more surface oiliness and congestion. seems to have improved skin texture.