Yoga and dosha

Ayurveda and Skin according to Super Guru, Dr. Vasant Lad

Our expertise is steeped in Asian Medicine.  Sure, we love new modern advances but we combo this with the ancient wisdom of Eastern Medicine for the best results.

Looking at the body from an Eastern Medicine perspective can shed new light and present an alternate perspective to that of your derm.

Here, we sat down with one of the pioneers of Ayurveda in North America: Dr. Vasant Lad.  

For those of you who don't know him, he opened the first Ayurvedic College in America and is the authour of many many books - a few are the textbooks that are the gold standard references for Ayurvedic Practitioners today.  Heck, he's written two of the Ayurvedic books that made this medicine mainstream in North America.

He is also the subject of the documentary "The Doctor From India".  

He is truly an Ayurvedic super star and a very humble practitioner with over 40 years of experience. We were so honoured and lucky to be able to pick his brain.

You're in for a treat. Hear his insights on Skin according to Ayurvedic Medicine from the wise, wise Dr. Vasant Lad.



Image by Todd Kent via unsplash

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