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Under The Sea Beauty: Why Seaweed is a Must Ingredient in Skincare

I love seaweed in skincare because of its water-bolstering properties...and I always advocate for well hydrated skin.

When our skin is full of moisture, it has better defends itself against bacteria, inflammation, infection and dryness.

Darlin' its better when your skin's wetter, take it from me!

Sea algae is super hydrating. And it has a natural affinity for human bodies.  Our blood plasma has ions and salt concentrations similar to sea water.  Just another display of how we are connected and from the natural worls.

This similarity in composition may be what makes seaweed such a great retainer of moisture.


My personal fav seaweed is Spirulina. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is packed with high amounts of protein as well as vitamins e, b12 and beta carotene. It also contains anti-oxidants superoxide dismutase and vitamin e (so good I'm mentioning it twice...wink!), tons of trace minerals as well as an impressive 58 times more iron than spinach. Spirulina has both omega 3 and 6, giving it fatty acid power.

This is why we put it in our redness-fighting lotion. But beyond Spirulina, there are also some very awesome brightening Seaweeds.

Sea Oak

Sea Oak extract works to eliminate free radicals caused by UV exposure and helps to regulate melanin. It treats hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting the enzyme that triggers melanin production.

This is why it's in our Pigmentation and Damage Care lotion.  We wanted to make a hyperpigmentation product that do NOT contain bleaches and lighteners. But can this really be effective?  Here's what two reviewers had to say:

"On to my second bottle now and I can definitely say that the lotion, in combination with the cleanser, toner and oil in this damage care line have truly balanced out my complexion and taken care of the sun spots! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and the damage care line." - Katrina

"I love the smell and it leaves my skin with a nice dewy look and feel. The best part is my "sunspots" are really fading and I think it's this lotion!" - Karey

But Sea Oak has other awesome properties. Sea Oak is also known to prevent inflammation and reduce elastin and collagen decline.

Finally there's one more seaweed that should get an honourable mention. Kelp! Kelp (also in our lotion above) brightens and evens out skin tone as it decreases melanin production and the number of overall melanocytes.

Along with treating pigmentation, this seaweed is excellent for anti-aging as it contains essential fatty acid DHA and polyphenols, which have been found to treat skin damage and signs of aging.

So, if you're looking for that healthy skin glow, try looking to under the sea treasures to treat your complexion.

Image via Unsplash by Shafaaz Shamoon


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