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Shield Your Skin Without Sunblock

When we think about skin protection, we usually think about sunblock.

With all the media awareness about the risks of UV over-exposure, a good (and hopefully mineral) SPF is a staple for almost every medicine cabinet.

But protection is not only about guarding our skin from the sun.

Skin damage can occur from a number of environmental aggressors including: smog, pollution, exhaust and heat.

These all cause inflammation and, when this happens, there is creation of free radicals.

So, here are some other beauty prods that help shield our complexions.

Read on to understand how they guard against skin damage.

Gentler Cleanser

A gentle cleanser washes away dirt and pollution residue. 

This is very important because pollution and exhaust fumes cause skin damage similar to sun damage.

A gentle cleanser is also important to maintain our skin’s barrier as it will not strip our skin’s defenses. We prefer a creamy cleanser. In fact, our Damage Care line has a milky cleanser that deep cleans.  And our Rosacea line cleanser is known for its creamy goodness. It conditions skin while cleaning it.

Barrier-strengthening Moisturizer

Moisturizing our skin is not only important for hydration but also for protection.

A good moisturizer is one of the best guards against environmental conditions and dehydration.

The more oil-based the moisturizer, the more it acts as a barrier between the skin and the elements, this is why sometimes we even recommend applying a facial oil over top of a serum and cream.

While this may seem like many steps, in the harsh winter it provides robust protection for our skin. Think of your skincare like your wardrobe; in the winter, it's good to use a heavier coat...but also layer up.

A rich moisturizer also protects the skin from depletion and dehydration by locking in moisture and preventing water from evaporating through the pores.

Natural lotions can also provide some protection with its wax and oil ingredients, but if our skin is exposed to many damaging factors, I recommend using facial oil over this.

Plumping Serum

A serum infuses water into our skin cells, plumping them full of hydration.

This improves our skin’s barrier against bacteria and dirt, allowing for cells that are more compact and therefore less permeable.  This is why our Lupine Protein Serum is a best seller.  When people start using it, their skin is stronger and more resilient.

This increased hydration protects our skin from inflammation and other damage.

We not only protect our skin by strengthening its barrier, but also by avoiding harsh chemicals and toxic pollutants.

These components clog our pores, trigger breakouts, cause inflammation and are absorbed into our bodies.


Image by Camille Minouflet via Unsplash

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