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Acne: 3 Things You Need to Know to Stop Breaking Out

When our skin won’t stop breaking out, the first thing most people do is PANIC.

Especially when it’s adult acne, it’s normal to start to spiral.  (WTF, we thought we were over this!)

But the panic turns into panic skincare.

They start to wash their face more often.  They start using harsh peels, acids and peroxides.  They do a lot of really damaging things to their skin with very little progress.

We’ve heard it 1000 times.  We totally get it, but these are not good strategies.  

So, here we are to tell you (based on our TWO DECADES of experience) how to actually turn this s*#! around.

Here are the 3 things you need to know to stop breakouts.

You gotta stop acting like your skin is dirty

It’s not.  Too often we hear acne sufferers worrying that they have “too much oil, or need a “deeper clean”, “more peeling”.

Your skin isn’t dirty.  You do not have that problem.  Actually, we see that acne-sufferers have crazy intense hygiene (no other group changes their pillow case this much or holds their phone away from their faces). 

We need to stop that way of thinking and understand that your skin is crying out for STRENGTHENING its immunity.  

That’s why Holistic Vanity focuses on supporting your skin’s immunity.  We don’t just see pimples and cysts, we see the need to bolster your skin’s defenses.  If you just keep drying blemishes as they come, it’s a whack-a-mole strategy.  

We need to make your skin more ROBUST. You need Resilience against breakouts.

Stop over washing/peeling/drying/crying. Work on the root of real skin change.

There are actually TWO problems happening...and clogging your pores

You may think pimples and blackheads are the problem.  No, the REAL culprit is dehydration.  

Your skin will get clogged and congested if it’s too dehydrated.  This means lack of water, not oil.  

We shouldn’t hate our oil-secretion, that’s what keeps our skin young.  It’s when our skin is dehydrated that our oils dry out, get stuck and clog into little corks.  The problem isn’t oil, it’s dried out pieces of oil that back up flow and create infection. 

All from dehydrated skin.

On top of this, skin dehydration weakens it’s barrier function.  This makes it more susceptible to infection: one major source of acne.  

Poor defenses against bacteria.  This why some people can touch their skin and nada….while others wear a hat and get hairline zits.

To stop this downward spiral of increased dehydration, our skin needs to be infused with hydration, with a CONCENTRATED base.  Ideally it also contains cell-supporting proteins

It’s all about that Base

Too often we focus on active ingredients.  

They’re the stars of the beauty show with glittery ad campaigns and claims of scientific evidence behind them.  And while we are all about effective actives, they are just a part of the equation.  

The bigger part is the BASE of your skincare.  

The base is what the BULK of your product is made up of.  But too many companies ignore its importance.  They use icky, gross plasticy chemicals to give body to their products.  This is CLOGGING. 

Or they stay natural and just water it all down in...well, water and fillers.  

At Holistic Vanity we are super concentrated and waterless. Instead, we use THERAPEUTIC ingredients in our bases, like organic mint distillate, pine water, aloe juice and black seed oil.  

This is to fight acne and also heal acne scars.  We purify skin...with love.  

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