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Steps To Getting Rid Of Any Pimple In 24 Hours

This is our step-by step guide to getting rid of any pimple...and fast.

This isn't a post about preventing acne and addressing its root cause, this is a blow by blow of how to get blemishes to go away quickly.

We think it's an important and handy thing to know when breaking out before your upcoming presentation/ wedding/ hot date...

Step 1: Determine Blemish Type

Its all about matching the right strategy for the pimple(s) you have.

Is it wet, dried out, inflamed or cystic?

These will all have different strategies so diagnosis is very important.

Step 2: Act...and act quickly

Below are natural remedies for each pimple type that will have you saying bye bye to surprise blemishes.

If it has a pus filled white head

Dab the blemish with apple cider vinegar.

To do this use a wet Q tip.

Yes, wet so that it dilutes the strong ACV.  Plus you don't want to apply it anywhere but right on top of the blemish because apple cider vinegar can irritate and dry out your healthy, clear skin. This works really fast!  For wet pimples, its really effective. 

If its small, hard and dry:

These don't have pus at all and they sometimes even flake.

Dried out blemishes need oil.

Exfoliate gently first then slather the area with oil. Jojoba and coconut are ideal as they won't over stimulate or congest pores. They are also anti-inflammatory so if the blemish is red and inflamed, it will help to diminish the inflammation too.

The causes of these blemishes are dried out sebum and an accumulation of dead skin cells, we need to moisturized them away.

It may seem odd but its true!

If its red with a white or yellow head:

Use green clay mask as a spot treatment and leave it on overnight.

This will dry out and draw out impurities without being as drying as the ACV.

If its a "blind pimple" or Cyst:

These pimples are hard, deep and painful. They can be red and boil-like or they can be so below the surface that they are hardly visible at all (you can simply feel them).

These you need to prick with a sterile needle and drain. I advise you get a professional esthetician do this to avoid scarring or further infection. But draining them is very important - they cannot be treated topically with products nor to they heal quickly on their own.

These blemishes are deep-seated and stay for a long time.

After draining their fluid, always disinfect the area with witch hazel, pine or mint hydrosol.

The repair is the most important thing with cystic pimples - because they are deep, they can scar easily.

Doing step 3 over and over is important to erase any sign that pesky cyst was every even there.

Step 3: Repair

You MUST prevent scarring by nourishing the skin.

After using one of the above plans of attack, make sure you use a healing serum and protective moisturizer to help your skin repair.

We like using a Protein serum and Camellia oil. Our camellia oil is actually formulated for rosacea so it's a great anti-inflammatory.

Remember, pimples come and go but scars last for a LONG time.  So, this step is actually the most important of all.

Image by Tonik via Unsplash

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