heal redness with hydration

Healing Redness: Waterloss and Your Skin Barrier

Dehydration is the most important element when dealing with sensitivity.

Hydrating the skin is the first defense for healthy skin - and added bonus: it's a good practice to get into for rejuvenation.

Dehydration and Rosacea/ Sensitive Skin

A lack of water in the skin causes a decrease in our barrier function.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, our skin cells ...let's say shrivel...creating tiny spaces or cracks in the skin's surface.

These cracks in the skin due to dehydration create weakness making it is easier for environmental intrusions to penetrate the skin and for irritants to permeate.

This impedes the skin’s barrier function and makes it much more reactive.  This is one reason why many rosacea sufferers with dehydrated skin feel like everything they put on their skin burns....even water.

With this, dehydration makes the skin more prone to broken capillaries. We often compare the capillaries to elastic bands. If an elastic band is dry, it will break when expanded. If an elastic band is moist, it will be supple and stretch when manipulated.

Think of how tight the face skin feels when dry + dehydrated.

Holistic Hydration

Using natural skincare which fully penetrates is so important for keeping the skin properly hydrated.

We must avoid petroleum-derived ingredients because they clog our pores and prevent moisture from penetrating the skin.

With this, Sodium Laurel Sulphate-free skincare is a must as this stripping detergent dries out and depletes delicate complexions (often causing immediate redness and discomfort in sensitive skin).

Also, water-based and oil-based skincare needs to be combined to mimic the skin's natural biology.

This is why our Rosacea line includes two moisturizers; a soothing lotion containing an aloe juice base and a redness reducing camellia oil.

They are designed to be layered on top of each other to dramatically increase hydration.

Internally....well wait, we have something.

A video is worth a million words!

Check out this video with star holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy.  She offers up excellent skin hydrating DIETARY tips!

Image by Ryan Wilson via Unsplash

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