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Rosacea and Anti-inflammatory Foods

We talk a lot about inflammatory foods here.

If you're eating foods that you're sensitive to, it can aggravate your skin.  We have seen it a thousand times.  That's why we wrote a featured post on how to ID food sensitivities.

Now to chat about foods you should add to your diet.

It's not about a "have not" attitude.  We need to adopt a nourishing, caring mindset too.

We did this vid a while back with the lovely Julie Daniluk - who is a nutritionist and the author of "Meals that Heal".

Kristen has known Julie for years and she has been in the alt health world for a LONG time.  She's OG.

Here, Julie gives her recommendations for anti-inflammatory foods with specific ingredients that encourage internal calming.

We love this because so often we think about what we need to cut out of our diets, but what about what we need to incorporate?

Julie will intro some foods like teff and turmeric that will also give your weekly meal plan an exciting new makeover.

Enjoy beauties, enjoy.


Image by Taylor Kiser via Unsplash

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