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Anti-Redness Calendula Flower

We're not flowery girls.  

Sure we dig nature, but don't get us flower bouquets as gifts. This is because we're 100% into function.  We have no time for frou frou.  Power to you if you're the romantic type but that's just not us.

One reason we LOVE flowers is that they serve the VERY functional purpose of calming our rosacea.

A personal fav is Calendula (aka. marigold).

This flower is one of the best remedies for sensitive skin. Calendula helps strengthen skin and soothes irritation.

It also calms inflamed breakouts and acute reactions. This is also why it tempers an array of aggravated skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, heat rash and allergy-prone skin.

It is no wonder this golden flower has been used traditionally in many healing medicines both internally and externally as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

The water extracted from calendula petals makes for a calming and hydrating toner and compress that is undiluted by carrier oils, alcohol or water, and does not contain preservatives or additive ingredients.

However, calendula hydrosol (water) is actually quite a rare find.  It's easy to find rose water/ hydrosol or lavender...but calendula is harder to source.

This is because it is not a bi-product of calendula oil manufacturing.  While other hydrosols are made when you separate the oil from the water of a plant (to make essential oils), this is not the case here.  It has to be made special.

This is why we are tickled to introduce our Anti-Inflam Calendula Tonic– but alas, it is only seasonally available.

This precious plant distillate is produced with great care and is harvested sustainably in small batches, with its petals being picked weekly to collect at optimal bloom.

These delicate, organic flowers are only harvested once per year at the height of the season, making it only available seasonally.

And for you beauty geeks out there (like us), this particular calendula is steam distilled in copper metal equipment because copper has natural anti-bacterial properties. This kills yeast and fungus, purifying the calendula and bringing out its sweet notes.

So, if you are a hyper-sensitive skin type looking for some relief – try a lil bit of calendula water.  It may be difficult to find, but its worth the search.


Image by Chandan Chaurasia via Unsplash

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