Orgasms For Better Skin

Orgasms For Better Skin

Orgasms cause a deluge of intense physical reactions. 

These affects create so many healthy bodily responses, bringing sexual health into our concept of overall wellness.

Climaxing has been found to relax tense muscles, release mood-lifting chemicals, lower blood pressure and has links to menstrual cycle regulation.

Climaxing and Mental Health

Studies have shown that oxytocin, a chemical released during orgasm, directly impacts mental wellness by promoting relaxation and contentment.  

Another fun side effect of this is that orgasms help with stress relief.  You know we’re gonna tie this into skincare, right?  Well, this means they can help prevent stress-triggered flare ups of rosacea, psoriasis and adult acne.  

So, touching yourself can help these inflammatory skin conditions by providing a release valve after a stress-filled, marathon of a day. 

Orgasms and Your Skin

The “glow” we’ve all been chasing might not exist in a lotion you slather on your face, but in an arousal oil you apply between your legs.  Post-orgasm we get a shot of blood flow and oxygen to our skin, promoting radiance, brightness and overall skin health.

There is also research connecting orgasms to an increased release of estrogen. Estrogen in the bloodstream helps our well-documented and well-loved skin cheerleader, collagen.  And collagen keeps skin looking soft and smooth.

Maybe the best serum we could be using is the one that helps you climax.  

So let’s wish a petite mort to outmoded ideologies about self care. Start pleasuring our way into better wellbeing….and it’s just more fun, non?    

Image by Deon Black  via Unsplash



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