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How Stress Screws With Our Skin...And What To Do About It (Video with Natalie Shay, RP)

We have written extensively about stress and skin.

In fact, our formulator-in-chief has focused her Naturopathic practice on the skin-stress connection for almost 20 years!

Stress wreaks havoc on our skin and bodies.

It can trigger breakouts, eczema and rashes as well as dehydrate and deplete our skin tissue.

But while we can try to breathe and repeat calming mantras, sometimes you need the help of a pro.

This is why we sat down with Stress Counselor, Natalie Shay, for some tips on how to reduce distress in our lives.

Natalie is our personal stress guru who has helped us out of some extreme Pitta tizzies.

She had some amazing info to share in this video. Take in her practical recommendations...and watch us have our own a-ha moments!

Another great Holistic Vanity Tub Talk.


Image by Luis Villasmil via unsplash

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