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DIY Face Massage: Pro Esthetician Guide

Massaging your face has power in it.  It moves lymph, stimulates microcirculation, tones facial muscles and releases locked tension (that can form wrinkles!).

I tell people to massage their faces all the time but it's such a hard recommendation because it involves skill training.  So, I thought I would make a video to do this quickly!

Sure, you can use a jade roller but it's only one mode.  Or you can get a big, expensive face massager....but why not just use your own hands? Touching and caring for yourself is powerful so, if you want the DL from a face professional, here it is.

Even though I'm a skin professional, I know that you can't always make it into the spa to get worked on by a pro.  Plus, you may not have the funds for it.

Instead, here's a quick intro guide on how to do this yourself at home.

This is ideal if you're doing a DIY facial treatment or if you want to make your cleansing, toning and moisturizer more interesting. Wait, not just more interesting, more beautifying.

Remember, face massage helps you decrease puffiness, promote collagen production and relax tense muscles (I've seen a correlation between tight jaws and nasolabial lines).

Here, I teach you moves that specifically target each of the above benefits.

Happy massaging!

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