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Acne-Fighting Nigella Oil

We're in love with Nigella Oil.

This oil is also known as Black Cumin or Black Seed Oil, and it has so many skin benefits that it makes your head dizzy.

Nigella has been used in healing for centuries and is said to have been found inside King Tut's's that much of a precious, cherished ingredient.

But what we love about it is that it's excellent for blemish-prone skin.

While we have a few oils in our arsenal for acne, this one is not just balancing and preventative but also purifying.  If you're looking to purify your skin without using irritating alcohols or drying agents, this oil is perfect.

Nigella Benefits

Nigella Sativa (what a pretty name!) is made from tiny black seeds that have a long history of use in the middle east and in Ayurvedic medicine.  It is prized for its stimulating properties, which are said to help increase actual energy, anti-aging (because of cellular energy), support digestion and alleviate allergies.

It has been used as a sort of natural anti-histamine as well as an anti-inflammatory.  The Prophet Mohammad is alleged to have said, "There is healing in Black Seed for all diseases except death."

Skin Therapy

Similar to other oils, Nigella helps seal in moisture and nourishes depleted skin. Where it truly shines is its unique capacity to target acne.  This is why it's a key part of our Acne Care Collection with our Clarifying Black Cumin (Nigella) Oil

Because of its purifying and redness reducing abilities, this oil is perfect for clarifying congested complexions as well as calming angry breakouts. 

You may feel a little stimulation for the first few minutes of application but it's just the feeling of this fabulous oil doing its work.

It doesn't cause inflammation so any mild tingling should not be aggravating to sensitive skin. Saying this, it's very subtle and most people don't find it causes any sensation, so don't be too worried!

It also helps to rebalance sebum-production and protect against bacterial infection leading to pimples.

All-round, this oil supports problem skin but even those who do not have acne-prone skin can use it (even for anti-aging). So, even if you don't break out all the time, your skin can still benefit from it.

We've also heard that it is great for strengthening hair and encouraging hair growth.  We haven't tried it yet but will be putting this to the test too.

Is there nothing the gorgeous Nigella oil can't do?


Image by Christin Hume via unsplash

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