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Four Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

When we breakout, the concern is not only about blemishes but also the scars they can leave behind.

Years later, scarring serves as a reminder of former battles with pustules, papules and cystic acne.

Over the last 20 years treating skin (and acne) we have had a lot of time to experiment with scar treatments. 

The old school way is to use both chemical peels and silicon patches but often these don't do the trick or they cause irritation or discomfort.

In fact, some of the simplest treatments have been the best.

So, here is a list of our four top natural scar treatments.

1. Rosehip 

Many of you have used rosehip oil.  It's great.

Not only have I found it excellent for fading red or brown skin marks but also for general hyperpigmentation. It encourages microcirculation and collagen production as it is loaded with repairing Vitamin C. 

However it cannot be used on acne skin...only skin that is clear and is only dealing with scars.  Rosehip oil is stimulating and can prompt your skin to break out. 

Instead, we recommend using Rosehip water...or hydrosol rather.  This is the water from the rosehip and it will not cause breakouts. 

2. Protein 

Sometimes you've gotta go straight to the source and supplement with good old fashioned protein. 

Our skin is made up of water, oil and protein so protein is a key part of healing tissue.

Our Hyaluronic Lupine Protein Serum  also has HLA in it, which hydrates.  Hydrated skin sets the environment for healing.  Wounds heal best when tissue is moist.

3. Seabuckthorn Oil

Seabuckthorn oil is a good option as I usually find it fine on acne-prone skin.

This restorative oil has been long-used for wound-repair and burn trauma, demonstrating its healing and regenerating properties.

I like both the seed and berry oil but we are partial to the berry oil.

However, keep in mind the berry oil is a much darker red colour that can stain your skin and sheets.

4. Machines: Microdermabrasion, Microneedling and IPL

When scars are whitish silver in colour or come in the form of pitted marks, they're probably pretty old...and stubborn.

Unfortunately, these are harder to treat, so you probably have to get out the big guns: machines.

Pitted and silver scars must be deeply exfoliated (followed by the previously mentioned nourishing topicals).  Extensive Sea Salt Microdermabrasion or Laser/ IPL Treatments are among the few effective options.

Microneedling done by a pro can also help with texture scars...but we have not found it good for pigmented skin marks (despite what is online).


Image by Coline Hasle via Unsplash

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