Face oil for clear skin

Clear Skin: Why face oil is a must

We are not subtle about our love of face oil.  In fact, we'd go so far as to say that it's a key part of every acne treatment plan. Here's why.

 For The Love of Oil

After a decade of battling our own breakouts and two decades helping people battle adult acne, our founder says "one of the best topicals for acne is oil".

What many presume causes acne, can actually help prevent and clear it.  Some of you have heard about this but aren't sold.

Often, an oil recommendation is met with a gasp and a look of shock but after a few deep breaths most adult acne clients brace themselves and oil up.  This has gotten better with the new awareness that oil is not the enemy....but there is still some lingering fear associated with oil. 

Fortunately, time and time again, we see clients return to us with clearer skin and an even brighter smile.

One client was so happy, she brought us flowers at her follow-up appointment.

Conventional acne treatments involve harsh, drying acids, peels and astringents that lead to dehydrated, devitalized and sensitized skin.

Using nourishing natural facial oils help feed, protect and support skin tissue, helping to restore balance and ward off pimples. It also helps promote moisture and hydration - and the incidence of acne scars.

Still unsure?  

Read on for the reasoning behind why oil is the ace-in-the-hole against adult breakouts.

Five Reasons Oil Clears Complexions

1. Oil Prevents Clogged Pores

Many believe that surface oil leads to clogged pores when, in fact, dehydration does (lack of water, NOT oil).

When this occurs, the oil that we produce naturally cannot be secreted to lubricate its surface. Instead, it becomes thick and hardened and gets lodged in our pores, creating corks of dried out sebum (oil).

Using a plant-derived oil (no petroleum/ mineral oil!) helps to restore moisture and prevent pore congestion.

2. Oil Regulates Rogue Sebum

Stripping your skin increases oil production as the skin attempts to maintain proper protection and moisture.

This is why many acne sufferers actually incite their own excess oil secretion by using skincare that dries out and depletes the skin.

Unfortunately, this has them running even faster for stronger astringents and mattifying products that simply exacerbate the problem.

Replenish with oil to stop this vicious cycle. This is why the Black Cumin (Nigella) Oil is a key product in our Acne Care Line.

3. Oil Packs Some Skin Protection

Dehydration makes complexions more vulnerable to bacterial penetration that can lead to acne. This is because our barrier is compromised.

Skin cells that are plump with hydration help create a taut, impermeable barrier function.  Remember, acne treatments should not only be about disinfecting or peeling....they should increase skin RESILIENCE.

Oils rich in fatty acids will nourish and strengthen the skin.  The glowing rejuvenation ain’t bad either.

4. Oil Tempers Angry Breakouts

Red, blistering breakouts need comforting, soothing ingredients to diminish swelling and heat.

Acne requires addressing inflammation not just purification.

Natural oils that protect and calm irritation will also soothe the redness associated with most breakouts.

For extra anti-redness power, look for products containing essences such as turmeric, chamomile and calendula.

5. Oil Helps Prevent Scarring

Just as important as overcoming acne is getting rid of the evidence. Dry, dehydrated skin scars more easily and has more difficulty healing. Many oils such as seabuckthorn berry oil replenish the skin.

Seabuckthorn also contains high amounts of vitamin C, an antioxidant that is excellent for fading pigmentation and scarring.

There are a plethora of face oils available at cosmetic counters, health food stores or even your local grocer. We recommend looking for oils that are organic, cold pressed and free of chemical preservatives such as parabens.

With a nurturing approach, we can be acne-free and have a regime we can feel good about long-term.

NIGELLA OIL: The Acne Care Oil 

Black Cumin (Nigella) Seed Oil is an amazing oil. It is a powerful anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, making it perfect for purifying pimples (without aggravating redness).

We have not come across another base oil that is as strongly clarifying - and we have worked with A LOT of oils.

In case you don't know, a base oil is what you put essential oils into. It is usually neutral in comparison to essential oils (also known as volatile oils). But don't let the name fool you, while they may not be as active as volatile oils, base oils serve a very important role in protecting and nourishing your skin. Nigella seed oil is a very active base oil.

Also known as black seed oil or black cumin oil, Nigella oil has been used in Ayurveda and the middle east since ancient times.

The Prophet Mohammad was quoted as saying, “There is healing in Black Seed for all diseases except death.” - this is mostly due to its anti-bacterial punch.

This oil is also slightly stimulating to blood flow, which promotes regeneration and oxygenation of the skin: two actions that clarify and combat acne scarring.


Image by Chelsea Shapouri via unsplash

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