What Makes Holistic Vanity Different

Real Expertise: 

Our founder, Kristen Ma, has over 20 years of experience treating people's skin + solving skin problems. When we formulate, we lean hard into our expertise. 

That’s why we focus holistically on skin immunity (not superficial, quick-fixes)…and are committed to super potent formulas. Avoiding water and other cheap fillers in our formulas is part of why we get such awesome results.

We are created by team of experts. From NDs and Skin scientists to Medi-estheticians and Eastern Medicine practitioners, we look at skin from a million different angles. 

Because we’ve been at this for a looong time (and were pioneers of clean beauty), we know ingredients. It’s not just about new lab findings but what a pro has seen work over and over again.  We know what aggravates redness, acne, pigmentation and inflamed flareups, even if its “natural”. 

At the helm, our formulator-in-chief is a Naturopathic Doctor who has two decades of experience treating skin, formulating product lines and consulting for international cosmetic companies. She also has written books on the subject and been featured in tons of big media for her thoughts on treating skin.

Filler-Free, Garbage-free:

We are potent, concentrated and waterless.  This means we do not use water and cheap fillers in our line that other (even natural) brands do.

Watered down, diluted formulas have less efficacy because they have less therapeutic ingredients.  While most skincare brands highlight their “key” active ingredients, those not the most important part of a formula. Often they make up less than 1% of a formula.

The base is what makes up the BULK of your skincare product, so if it’s just water (at best) or full of cheap chemicals (worse), it’s not gonna change to your skin very much.

Holistic Vanity is a concentrated skincare line that targets your skin ailments by packing in therapeutic ingredients into its base. This is paired with the potent, effective actives, making for a truly results-focused regime.

Our motto: if there’s no change, there’s no point.

Immunity: The Deep Down Approach:

We believe in treating the root cause of skin problems. 

This is why our formulas strengthen immunity of the skin, not simply drying pimples or blocking redness reactions. Creating resilience against aggravations is what transforms your skin. 

While other brands rely on acids and peels for acne, our acne line features an oil.

Yes an oil! Why? Because we aim to restore the skin’s immunity and make it less vulnerable to infection.

The same goes for rosacea. It’s not just about avoiding irritants (which we do) but going beyond the redness and fixing the foundation underneath. Forget the ailment and focus on you.

Avoidance of sebum, so-called comedogenic ingreds and irritants isn’t enough. We go deep and work on strengthening, power and robustness.

Let’s create a terrain for healthy skin. No more playing whack-a-mole against flare ups.


We believe in the WHOLE person.  Because we were created by an ND, the importance of treating your internal body is in our DNA. You are a complex, special human being that should be treated that way

We’re not gonna lie, skincare is only one part of the equation (but it’s a key one). This is the reason we are always giving you info on how to take care of your internal body too.  It’s inside outside skincare at its best. 

“Beauty that sees you” is about the individual and the whole. You are not defined by our “flaws” but that doesn’t mean we’re apathetic about the things that bother us.

Sometimes beauty is WERK.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not nourishing, meaningful and FUN. 

We’ll be real, we see the appeal of quick-fixes. But we won’t insult your intelligence with promises of perfect skin in 24 hours. If you’re up for going deep and re-evaluating how you care for yourself, you can overcome uncomfortable, frustrating skin issues for good. 

We believe You-centred beauty includes:

  1. healthy, fortifying skincare
  2. a deep dive into internal imbalances
  3. a healthy dose of self-love.

Purity Standards

Our formulas are made up of 70-100% organic ingredients.
All Holistic Vanity products are made lovingly with pure ingredients and are free of icky ingreds such as:

  • Petrolatum (and Petroleum-based ingredients)
  • Propylene Glycol
  • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • PEGs
  • Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes
  • Animal By-products (Suitable for vegetarians)
  • DEA and TEA