• Healing Immortelle Skin Tonic


    A hydrating toner that restores delicate, depleted and traumatized skin.  This tonic repairs skin damage while treating rosacea breakouts and red bumps.

    Organic. Vegan. Waterless.


    Immortelle is one of the best healing plant remedies for damaged skin tissue. This skin tonic is made up of the water extracted from the immortelle flower, which is also known as helichrysum.

    This soothing tincture is wholly derived from the healing plant by being steam-distilled in stainless steel distillation equipment. It is undiluted by carrier oils, alcohols or water, and does not contain any preservative or additive ingredients.

    Organic Content

    This all-natural product is made up of 100% organic ingredients.


    Featured Ingredients

    Immortelle Hydrosol

    Also referred to as Helichrysum or “Everlasting”, the Immortelle flower is known for its anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties. This anti-oxidant leaves skin renewed and restored by repairing free radical damage and stimulating cellular regeneration. Immortelle has been used to mend the skin after damage and scarring – it is even used after tattooing and body piercing to heal scar tissue and clean the area. Immortelle is also a natural anti-fungal.

    Full Ingredients

    Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Flower Water

    *Certified organic


    Place 2-3 pumps of this tonic into the center of your palm, then clasp them together, spreading tonic to both hands. Press gently into clean skin, applying it to the entire face (including eye area) and neck. As you press and release, this will encourage lymphatic drainage, alleviating pressure on the facial capillaries. Follow with your moisturizing regime.

    This can be done day and night, or in the morning only if using Holistic Vanity’s Calming Calendula Skin Tonic as a nighttime concentrate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Would be great for me in the Summer months!

I love this tonic, however, compared to the calendula tonic, I find the Immortelle a bit drying. The calendula tonic is more hydrating for my skin in particular. So I will definitely use the Immortelle tonic in the summer when my skin is more hydrated. I have naturally dehydrated skin, so this could just be the way it is for me, but in any case Immortelle is a really nice calming tonic for my rosacea-- just not in the dry months.

Love this product!

A lovely, soothing tonic that calms my skin and has a beautiful scent. I love that it comes in a spray bottle so none of the product is wasted on cotton pads or absorbed into my hands.

Nice tonic

Have to get used to the smell first. Other than that the tonic does the work. Help reduce the redness.

Feels great, interesting scent...

I love the Holistic Vanity Redness Relief line and it was my first time trying this particular skin tonic. I love the feel of the tonic but the scent is definitely very unique and one to get used to...it has a robust mushroom and musky smell which is very different than the calendula tonic!! I definitely prefer the calendula tonic over this, but since they offer different benefits, I will keep trying this to see how it goes for my skin. It will just take time to get used to the strong smell.


I absolutely love this tonic as a nighttime practice. I suffer from Rosacea and have tried all kinds of sensitive skin care products and prescriptions and nothing worked to reduce the redness, itchiness, or the flakiness. Then I tried this product. Within the first three days, my skin looked and felt so much better.

Holistic Vanity Black Current exfoliating cream

Great exfoliating cream for sensitive mature skin.
I use this every 10 days followed by the meditation mask.
Skin cells clean and calm.

Great for Spot Treatment

I initially used this product several years ago to help with acne/inflammation. My skin has cleared up since but I continued using it because I discovered it's a great aftershave which instantly sooths without drying. It's also great for spot treatment of the occasional popped pimple - heals very fast! The only downside is the very strong scent.


I bought this by mistake a few months ago and it was a good mistake. I really like this tonic. It's a bit hard to put on because it's watery but it does a great job.


I was recommended this toner after my facial and since then have been my skincare staple. I use about 2 pumps, spread it all over my hands, and then press it into my face. A great skincare addition to my routine - the holistic vanity products are amazing organic products!


I decided to try this line even though I don't have rosacea but I have a lot of acne. I recently found out that my skin is actually really sensitive, so I started using more products geared toward sensitive skin rather than acne prone skin. This has helped with my breakouts so much and I'm really excited to try more products from this line.