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The Holistic Vanity view is that we should not only seek out anti-aging, but healthy-aging and zen-aging.

Healthy skin







Aging Skin

We are continually aging. Many people fear aging, but what we do not understand is that aging is simply change. Aging is transformation. We often try to stop the aging process or turn back the hands of time — but this is impossible + unwise of us.

Most of us focus on the transformation of our bodies, aging also occurs within our minds + emotions (spirits). Since physical aging is the focus, our experience may tend to be negative. We all may have a more positive experience aging when we become more in control of our physical aging + we continue to grow more wise, mature, sophisticated + spiritual. While our minds expand with life experience, our bodies’ systems decline with age, mirroring a balance which occurs in all things.

But, we must understand modern day demands + expectations. We live in a society which values youth, + so to feel our best we prefer to look as youthful + as healthy as possible to. To adhere to this we need to understand how we age physically + how we can stay healthier to extend our youthfulness longer. With this strategy + goal in mind we benefit by feeling better longer and create an environment that is more supportive of healthy mental + emotional growth

Causes: The Aging Process

If we want to support or combat anything, we must understand it. What is aging?

While no one really can define aging, or define when individuals have officially “aged”, we generally define aging as a group of symptoms which indicate the gradual decline in our body’s systems + their ability to operate effectively.

Most of us notice aging in the faces of others + ourselves. It has been widely reported that Twenty Year Olds in their fear of the signs of aging as in the wrinkles, jowls, loss of tone, fat deposits + age spots are paying for anti-aging skincare products + treatments like botox.
But most of us go no further than the symptoms to understand the two underlying facets of aging, slowed metabolism + inflammation.

Slowed Matabolism

When we age our bodies slow down. There is a slower cell renewal rate + slower cell turnover. While a Twenty Year Old’s cell turn over occurs approximately every 25 days, a 50 year-old’s cell turn over occurs approximately every 45 days. This is why our skin + bodies look less youthful as new cells do are not produced + exposed as quickly. This is why Microdermabrasion + Skin Peeling is so effective + popular in the battle against aging faces.

Products with live cell therapy, Organotherapy + cosmeceuticals are supplements in our better skincare to help skin cells retain their youthful moisture. See the Cellcosmet. Our Face Lift Facial for Organotherapy + for excellent supplement support look at the popular Collagen + Elastin products from Clayton Shagal+Pure + simple.

But it is not only cell turnover which slows, making our skin and bodies less youthful looking, but our own healing also slows down. This is due to the drop in cell renewal rate, but also a drop in collagen + elastin production. After age 25 our collagen + elastin production drops drastically. Some experts claim that it stop completely. This results in loss of firmness, tone, hydration in the skin. The importance + functions of collagen + elastin in our tissues will be discussed further in this section. For excellent quality Collagen + Elastin products from Clayton Shagal + Pure + simple.

As we mature, our silhouettes change + our body fat increases as our muscle tone decreases. This is because our fat metabolism has slowed + it becomes more + more apparent that exercise is essential to keep fit. No longer can we ignore the need to eat well + exercise as we could in our forgiving youth.

Because our whole system has slowed, from our cells and our skin, to our fat metabolism + our circulation, blockages in the body accumulate. Like mentioned in the earliest chapters, it is movement of our bodies which maintain health + vitality. Accumulation + stagnation cause toxins to build up impedes our Qi + blood flow making our skin less vital + our health more vulnberable to disease + disorder. This explains why our skin becomes less nourished, as our it is not being fed by our blood circulation, our bodies get colder more easily, especially our hands + feet due to less blood flow to our extremities. Acupuncture facials have been a recent trend. The results of this therapy are very effective + this is based heavily on the dispersing of blockages + stimulation of the face.

My Fifty Something mother has found that she regain better circulation in her legs with a FDA approved Cellulite reducing method from France called Endermologie for excellent supplement support look at the popular Collagen + Elastin products from Clayton Shagal. Cellulite occurs in the third layer of skin. The blood vessels of the circulatory system also travel in this layer of skin to feed the cells of our bay but increasing amounts of cellulite (toxins, fat, water) begin to choke these blood vessels decreasing circulation to cause cold + dry skin in the extremities (face, hand + feet) as well as causing varicose veins + occasional numbness. Therefore decreasing cellulite is not vanity but a very effective way to feel + look younger.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is also fantastic as an anti-aging measure. Cosmetic Acupuncture decreases the appearance of lines + dryness in our faces by increasing our chi which in turn increase our health of body’s systems. This in turn increases our circulation + decreases our incidences of illness + the symptoms of physical aging.


The other cause of signs of aging is inflammation. Inflammation is inevitable + is part of living. Inflammation is a response to crisis or damage. Because of our contact with the harsh elements, sun exposure, trauma + stress, we inflame our bodies + tissues. This inflammation in our joints, muscles + skin contributes to their deterioration. While inflammation creates free radicals, it also stretches the capillaries + is responsible for broken capillaries. Inflammation in the skin also stretches + puts pressure on the skin producing wrinkles. Another undesired result of inflammation is bloated or broken capillaries in our faces + bodies. These capillaries are instrumental in carrying away waste + toxins from our skin + supplying our skin cells with nutrients. The condition of our capillaries determines the health of our skin.

Some suggestions in preventing inflammation is a suitable diet, moderate lifestyle, stress maintenance, + intelligent skincare. Intelligent skincare is based on holistic care + natural products that protect our skin without irritation as well as focus on + enhance our unique beauty. See our suggestion for Anti-aging with some exciting new products.

Each of us is unique in our needs for skincare, this also applies to diet. For many of us our diet creates heat + inflammation in our bodies causing our capillaries to dilate thereby our faces to flush. For some meat, dairy +/or wheat is very acid + hard to digest + therefore causing an allergic reaction in the body which produces histamines. These histamines cause our capillaries to dilate + result in inflammation. At Pure + simple we have created the Rosacea Repair Facial with the help of Dr. Lam, the inventor of the Lam Probe, to remove the capillaries that cause skin redness. An individual program with some dietary suggestions can greatly prevent + maintain calmer skin.

Sugar has the same effect + many experts are now saying that sugar causes wrinkles. Age spots are another result of too much sugar intake as the body tries to expel simple carbohydrates. Because of the overload of simple carbohydrates, fat blocks melanin (pigment) in our skin + disperses it in uneven pattern known as age spots. These are also known as liver spots as the liver is the filtration system of the body. There are natural products + treatment that will help even out a pigmented skin. The Pigmentation Repair Facial will lessen the hyper pigmentation caused by hormones or sundamage. Regular use of Lactic Acid with the support of Collagen Elastin HCH can slowly repair skin.

Summary: As skin ages side note

  1. Skin Susceptible to broken capillaries
  2. Sense of touch is dulled
  3. Complexion is paler due to poor circulation
  4. Less oil/sebum is produced in the skin. Therefore there is a loss of moisture + less protection
  5. Skin is drier + therefore more sensitive
  6. Collagen + Elastin is weakened as well as production diminishes
  7. Sundamage + Pigmentation appears

Youth + Aging: The Players

1. Collagen

When the subject of anti-aging is discussed, collagen is forefront. Collagen is a protein which makes up most of the cutaneous layer of the skin + fibres of other connective tissues.

Collagen is a cable-like group of white inelastic fibres which are resistant to traction. Composed of 3 chain-links of twisted polypeptides, each chain is made up of approximately 100 amino acid units arranged in a defined sequence.

While the skin is made up of 5% Elastin, it is comprised of 70% Collagen, making it an ingredient is skin aging that we cannot overlook.
Collagen production is simply part of cell metabolism, so the drastic drop in collagen production at age 25, is just another indication of the slowing of our metabolism due to aging.

With aging, Collagen looses its suppleness + it cross links with other collagen strands + becomes rigid so structures are hardened. With this rigidity, the skin looses its soft suppleness.

But maturation is not the only factor which breaks down Collagen. Estrogen breaks down Collagen. Not only does it break down collagen, but with this collagen breakdown, it makes cells more vulnerable to inflammation. This means that birth control + other hormonal medications have a role in the condition of collagen. This demonstrates how hormones + skin are related, + the effect of estrogen on collagen also affects cellulite in our bodies.

If you are interested in boosting your skin with Collagen try either the Clayton Shagal Collagen or Pure + simple Collagen + Elastin HCH.

2. Elastin

Elastin is the protein which is responsibility for the skin’s elasticity. While only making up 5% of the skin, a lack of elastin causes loss of tone + stretch marks on the skin’s surface. Aside: Stretch marks are also linked to high blood sugar (remember sugars cause inflammation).
Elastin is a lighter molecule than collagen + supports collagen. It is a spider web-like structure which weaves in + out, binding collagen strands. The tightness or laxness of these strands dictate firmness in the skin.

When we mature, Elastin calcifies + looses it flexibility which is results in loss of tone in the skin. Saggy or loose skin is from the degeneration of the elastin protein caused by elastase (an agent which breaks down elastin). Inflammation, being the aging culprit it is, causes elastase production.

Beans + soy beans are excellent for anti-aging as they are elastase inhibitors!

If you are interested in boosting your skin with Elastin try either the Clayton Shagal Elastin, Clayton Shagal Collagen or Pure + simple Collagen + Elastin HCH.

3. Free radicals + skin damage

Whenever there is talk of anti-aging, there is always mention of free radicals. Free radicals destroy cells by breaking down cell membranes + phospholipids, proteins, DNA + cause lesions. They are produced by pollution, smoking, stress + adrenal breakdown, UV exposure, + simply aging. Free radicals are essentially a product of inflammation, + all of the mentioned causes heat +/or inflammation in our bodies. This is because they are created with the utilization of O2.

But what exactly are these nasty sounding culprits that damage skin?

Free radicals are atoms or molecules one or more unpaired electrons. Because O2 (oxygen) has two unpaired electrons (it is a di-radical), it is very reactive with free radical species + not very reactive with most reactions. This is because most molecular reactions involve 2 electrons.
Now while most oxygen in the body is used during electron transfer transport system, 1% does not get used up + causes chaos in body.
To limit or contain Free Radical damage in our bodies, we need the help of nutrients we call antioxidants. These include Vitamin A,C + E. You will find them on labels under different name such as Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Beta-carotene (Vitamin A).

Other antioxidants include Superoxide Dismutase, Green Tea + Ubiquinone

Vitamin E quenches + neutralizes hydroxyl radical. Vitamin C regenerates this natural Vitamin E source.

Antioxidant Superoxide dismutase also addresses hydroxyl radical because of its action against superoxide. It converts superoxide to peroxide + oxygen, preventing damage of both superoxide + the other free radicals its existence causes. Catalase converts hydrogen peroxide to water + oxygen preventing the production of hydroxyl radical.

Strategies for Anti-aging

Because healthy anti-aging is the slowing down of the natural process of maturation by increasing our overall health, we must observe all three of the fundamentals introduced at the beginning. All three principles are for the support of healthy skin, bodies + minds, and all of these are necessary to prevent signs aging. Preservation of health + our bodies is the cornerstone of anti-aging, so healthy practices are only natural.

Nourish + Soothe

Water content of stratum corneum (top layer of epidermis) dictates youthful appearance. The human body is 70% water, + the environment is less humid than our bodies. This means that because of the laws of balancing hypertonic + hypotonic solutions, water will travel from deeper layers of epidermis to the outer layers of the skin (stratum corneum) + evaporate. It is a constant process of perspiration.

This water content of stratum corneum depends on amount of water being transferred in this way. The drier the environment, the more the skin will perspire, so it is the ability for the skin to retain water that will determine its hydration levels. Amino acids, urea pyroglutamic acid, lactates + mineral salts are natural moisturizing factors, helping the skin in water retention. This is why it is so important to nourish. We can put water in skin, by applying serums, or hydrating our bodies internally, but it is so important to support the skin’s natural moisturizing factor with natural nourishing skincare.

Using natural skincare will also eliminate many irritants to prevent inflammation. Soothing inflammation is key as the discussion about inflammation’s part in the aging process has proven its damage. Products with anti-inflammatory ingredients are also fabulous for preventing skin damage + aging. Corn Flower, Aloe, Chamomile + Calendula are excellent ingredients in conjunction with more active ingredients to promote circulation in the skin as well as anti-oxidants. Antioxidants are very much the trend in anti-aging skincare, but due to the increasing presence of free radicals in our stressful, polluted + ozone depleted age, they are a new vital discovery, not merely a cosmetic fad.

Purge + Peel

Purging toxins is so important to prevent aging. Lymph drainage especially helps alleviate inflammation + cellular toxins. Draining lymph fluid puts less pressure against the skin as there is no lymphatic fluid pushing capillaries against the surface of the skin.

Purging skin + keeping pores clean is another part of keeping the skin young looking. Clean pores absorb moisture + oxygen better.

The most common anti-aging practice to purge is to peel the skin. It is so popular that there is an array of types, percentages + PHs to choose from to suit specific goals + needs. But I personally have always questioned aggressive peeling. If inflammation causes signs of aging, how can peels which wound the skin be good? Even more crucial, peeling the skin also make it more vulnerable to UV exposure in which sun also contributes to free radical creation. This is why I always insist on nourishing + soothing the skin in conjunction which peeling. Peeling gives great immediate results, but without proper support it can be counter-beneficial. The skin cannot heal in an environment without water/hydration as well as we need the nourishment + anti-inflammatory properties to compensate for the inflammation caused by the peel itself.

Facial massage along with a Gentle Lactic Acid Peel + Extractions is standard in all Our Facial Treatments. You can includes these procedures in your Homecare Routine.


Facial massage, Endermologie on the face, Facial Acupuncture, non-surgical face lift involving electrode to stimulate facial muscles + face exercises are all anti-aging method which are effective because they involve movement.

Blood circulation is important to feed skin cells, removing stagnation is important for detoxifying the skin and body, manipulation promotes Collagen + Elastin production, + muscular movement is important for tone + quality of muscle tissue.

Jumping movements drain the lymph for the whole body. When exercising, we also intake more oxygen which is very cleansing + nourishing for our bodies.

Face exercises help keep tone as face muscles are firmer + hold the facial skin up, while upward face massage movements are lifting + promote Collagen + Elastin Production. Any manipulation or wounding of the skin will promote Collagen + Elastin Production, but facial massage helps in a non-invasive, gentle way. Using nourishing vegetable based oils (Rejuvenating Face Oils) to nourish skin, + the face massage will help the oil to absorb deeply + more quickly.

Treatment Sollutions

Natural + Non-invasive

Peels are an excellent way to combat fine lines + dull skin. As mentioned above, purge + peeling is a tactic to keep bright, youthful skin. While some may do deep Peels, others may opt for gentler, daily peeling treatments. These must be tailored to skin types + results expected. Microdermabrasionis a controlled peeling which can concentrate on problem areas deeper while performing a more gentle abrasion on sensitive areas. Microdermabrasion also promotes collagen + elastin production.

Photofacials are basically using frequencies to burn the dermis layer of the skin to promote regrowth + collagen + elastin production. Treatments may be painful, but results can be impressive. It is so important to protect skin from the sun after treatments + use products to support. A series may be necessary.

Endermologie Face Treatments:
Endermologie on the face stimulates collagen + elastin as it promotes the regeneration of connective tissue. The first steps of the endermologie face treatment is lymphatic drainage. This is excellent to take down inflammation which damages connective tissue as well as drains excess fluid from the face to lessen puffiness + edema (water retention).

Acupuncture Facials:
Acupuncture as a cosmetic treatment is a wonderful treatment as it is as results-oriented as it is holistic. Using the meridians of the body + acupuncture points to stimulate energy flow + movement is a great way to aid total body health as well as look younger. Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates collagen + elastin as well, but also move stagnation + blockages + treats internal organs which are another factor in aging.
Non-surgical face lift: The non-surgical face life uses electrodes to stimulate the muscles in the face to hold itself up. This treatment has gotten much exposure due to its celebrity testimonials. While is a great, non-invasive way to treat sagging + jowls, these treatments are only effective if done in an ongoing series + can only aid primitive signs of aging.

Regular Facials:
For some regular facials with facial massage and a gentle peel can go along way in aging gracefully.

Conscious Beauty

I personally feel that any anti-aging solution must include goals. Goals provide expectations as well as limitations + boundaries. While some plans can be as simple as homecare tailored to the individual, some may need more extreme treatments. Each plan of action must outline how much energy, effort + money is to be invested. More results often require more investment. They may be more painful + expensive. Each program must have proper support pre + post therapy.

Supporting treatments with support to the overall health of the skin, body + mind is always a positive practice. Because health is beauty, nurturing our health will be an anti-aging factor in itself. Some anti-aging plans may simply include boosting the immune system + vitality. Each will be so dependant on values + goals.

Tips for anti-aging program focus

  1. Concentrate on the eye + neck area as they are the more obvious signs of age.
  2. The eye area is delicate + sensitive, so it should be treated in a different way than the rest of the face.
  3. Human expression lines cause wrinkles. Being aware of the shapes we make is important. Squinting, pouting, + expressions are all unavoidable, but beneficial to be aware of. Botox was born out of the awareness of this factor.

Heal Damaged Skin Through Ayurveda

Aging skin is simply damaged skin – the damage of moving through our lives. Learn how to treat sun damage, free radical damage, broken capillaries, pigmentation and premature signs of aging in this lecture. Kristen talks at The Whole Life Expo about real solutions through Ayurveda, holistic health and natural skincare.

Super Foods For Skin Hydration

Another great tub talk with holistic nutritionist, Joy McCarthy. Joy chats about foods that increase skin moisture, keeping you looking youthful and radiant from the inside out.

Holistc VaniTEA – Zen Aging Tea

An anti-aging tea blend that helps to ground the mind and restore bodily tissues. Packed full of antioxidants and rasayanas, this tea harmonizes Vata and rejuvenates the skin. Learn all about its benefits, ingredients and uses.

Hormonal Health and Beautiful Skin

A tub talk interview with Makoto Trotter, ND. Hormonal fluctuations and changes affect our skin as we age – learn about hormonal balance and how to balance our hormonal system through naturopathy. That’s real anti-aging!

Ayurvedic Anti-aging: An Interview with Dr. Suhas (with Dr. Manisha) (32:14)

Dr. Suhas

Dr. Suhas

Fine lines and wrinkles have never been so enlightening. This discussion with Dr. Suhas explores how we can prevent signs of aging in a healthy and holistic way.
I conducted this interview with Dr. Suhas – the US head of Kerala Ayurveda. We were joined (by surprise) by his wife, Dr. Manisha. Both of them are highly experienced Ayurvedic Doctors.
While Dr. Suhas has served as Chairman of the Department of Medicine, Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine and in conjunction with many Ayurvedic giants including Deepak Chopra, Dr. Manesha is an Ayurvedic Doctor who also has a background in esthetics. Excuse the random interruption of someone walking in during the interview as well as Dr. Suhas’ jab at Suzanne Somers. Lol. He asked me to edit it out but my ghetto voice recorder is not that sophisticated. Ah well, he’s right – she is over the top!
In this interview Dr. Suhas discusses:

  • Rasayanas: Ayurvedic rejuventation.
  • Agni and the ability to absorb nutrients. The importance of oleation and moisturization inside and out.
  • Our behavioral responses and emotions effect on our tissues.
  • How metabolic sluggishness contributes to ama (toxicity) and aging.

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